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Thread: Plumbing Woes......

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    Crier Plumbing Woes......

    My bride and I usually go to our mountain retreat for the holiday weekend. This weekend, we decided to bag it because of possible storms, rainy weather, too much to do around our home, gas prices, etc. This afternoon, we went to our friends (an hour away) and had a great afternoon. We rolled back home about 9:30. Upon walking in the front door, I proceeded to *splash* thru a rather large puddle. Now, we have a HUGE yellow Lab, but even he could not, on his best day, leak and dribble as much fluid. Yeah...we had a pipe leak. UGH. It was on our top floor and we proceeded to rip and tear out the ceiling tiles from the main level until we found the source (I HOPE). I turned the water off at the main inlet, and we cleaned up the best we could considering our long day and tension. What a mess. I mean a REAL mess. I am going to call the insurance company, although, I hate to do it. We have a bunch of ceiling tile on the main level, drywall, carpet, ceiling tile on the bottom level, etc that is just soaked. My dear Bride was really heart broken. I tried to comfort her.

    I just kept coming back to the thought of......Just imagine how bad this could have been if we would have went away, and came back tomorrow!

    Ahhhh.......the joys of home ownership.

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    Hey buddy, sorry to hear that. Mine wasn't that bad, I was home. but it still had leaked an hour or so, nice mess. What kind of pipe do you have? Mine was this gray plastic. It happened to have a class action against it and my whole house got re-plumbed for free. Call a plumber that knows about these kinds of suites against pipe and fitting companies. You may get a whole new re-plumb rather than a fix.

    Good Luck!!!


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    Mine was a pipe in the yard. We went away for the weekend, came home to find the front yard seriously flooded (who knew a yard could flood). Dug for an hour or so in the soggiest area, found the leak (neighbor ran his heavy trailer over the corner of the yard, over the main pipe to the house). once we fixed everything, thought all was good until the $827.00 water bill came!!

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