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Thread: Personals: Ambitious physics experiment looking for $20,000 relationship.

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    Personals: Ambitious physics experiment looking for $20,000 relationship.

    University of Washington physicist John Cramer has plans for some experiments involving light that could explain "spooky action at a distance" (i.e. quantum entanglement of photons) in terms of superluminal (faster than light speed) particles called "tachyons" and ultimately, demonstrate quantum retrocausality - the equivalence or interchangeability at the quantum level of cause and effect.

    All he needs is another $20,000.

    So far, no luck.

    NASA is reportedly about to close a program that Cramer applied to that is known as the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.

    DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been requesting proposals from researchers interested in developing shape-shifting, liquid robots (think Terminator 2) as well as cyborg insects (half robot, half real insect), but so far, it hasn't moved ahead on any funding for Cramer's experiment.

    From what I can understand of Cramer's plans, his project would try to break new ground, taking its direction from another experiment that I reported under the post title "Landmark" experiment with light delves into mysteries of quantum physics.

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