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Thread: National Union for Opticians

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    I feel like national licensing standards would probably be more helpful than a union. Nv opticians absolutely make more than OR opticians, and frankly the quality difference did not seem as big as the pay difference (may be sampling error)

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    There are lots of "Opticians", I would not want to be put in the same anything with. There are many great ones and many good ones and just as many pretenders. It would be a shame to treat them as all the same. Union Baloney.

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    Redhot Jumper Labor Union Goals and Objectives .....................................

    Labor Union Goals and Objectives
    Julie Davoren

    Labor unions are associations of workers who pursue common objectives. Achieving their first major success in the 19th century, labor unions have helped protect the rights of workers. Workers use this platform to bargain collectively on behalf of the majority of workers. To be a part of the labor union, workers typically apply for membership and pay dues. Automation, fewer mass-production jobs and increasing competition in labor markets have contributed to the decline in labor union membership in the 21st century.


    Chris Ryser

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