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Thread: Spectacles for Africa

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    Spectacles for Africa

    Want to make something good on the new year ?
    I am a Swedish optometrist working to help the people on the islands of Zanzibar, East Africa.
    I have 75 safety frames without lenses which I want to give to people who are working in a coral quarry on the island of Pemba, sawing, cutting and crushing to make building material. They are at the moment working without safety glasses.
    If I can get 150 lenses donated for this good cause I will edge them to the frames. Most suitable are plastic lenses with or without colour. The sun is always shining on the white limestone. I and my wife are going to Zanzibar for the free distribution of the glasses.
    Bo Hesselmark

    See link:

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    We actually just finished 2006 inventory, and now have a ton of old lens blanks we are looking to get rid of.

    They are mostly plastic lenses with many varying prescriptions in them, are you looking for RX lenses or planos only?? (or both?)

    Anyway, please send me more info, maybe we can help!

    my email:

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