AO Easy Progressive Lenses Now Available in 1.67

Carl Zeiss Vision (CZV) has announced that its popular AO Easy Progressive Lenses are now available in 1.67 and 1.67 Transitions® Gray high-index materials.

“AO Easy is now available in a comprehensive range of materials,” said Steve Mitrakos, CZV’s Vice President – Marketing. “This will be a significant benefit to the many eye care professionals who use AO Easy as their primary progressive lens.”

In addition to 1.67 and 1.67 Transitions Lenses, AO Easy is available in Polycarbonate and Polycarbonate Transitions Gray, and Hard Resin and Hard Resin Transitions Gray and Brown and 1.6 clear. AO Easy is also available as AO Easy HD, which uses free-form manufacturing technology to customize the lens for the individual’s total prescription. AO Easy HD is available in 1.67 and 1.67 Transitions Gray.

“Eye care professionals appreciate AO Easy’s combination of large central viewing areas and exceptionally low distortion and swim in the periphery,” Mitrakos said. “They also appreciate the fact that AO Easy helps them increase their profitability with managed care patients through SOLAeRewards. Eye care professionals who participate can earn $15 for every pair of AO Easy Lenses they order.”

AO Easy 1.67 and 1.67 Transitions Gray are available for order now from optical laboratories across the country. Eye care professionals can learn more about SOLAeRewards by contacting their Carl Zeiss Vision representative or by calling 800-358-8258.