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    Confused Online gambling..

    The law, part of a sustained clampdown on online gaming in the US, would make it illegal for banks and credit card firms to process online gaming payments from the US.
    So you over there can no longer gamble online as your Goverment is going to ban Banks for processing payments to gambling Co's

    But lawmakers took the industry by surprise when an "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" was eventually attached to an unrelated bill aimed at improving port security
    So much for freedom of speech and all that jaz, if thats how the yhave to get something passed.......

    THese quotes are from the BBC site which i canno't link to as its for UK residents only. Though i'm sure this is getting widespread coverage on your side of the pond....

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    Move to Canada,
    cya on PokerStars

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    Glad to have you back John!
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    I know a young man who plays poker on line, and does quite well. He got a notice from his bank the other day that any more deposits into his account from the on line poker site would be reported to the IRS.

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    Internet gambling must be one of the most pointless stupid unproductive "industries" of all time. As Wemmick would have put it, collect all your money into one big pile then throw it off any bridge into the river Thames. It'll be quicker and achieve the same end.
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