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Thread: Seg Height for PAL Sun Rx

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    Seg Height for PAL Sun Rx

    My dispenser fitted a pt into a PAL sun rx, but dropped the seg down to 19mm from 21 to allow for more viewing room in the distance.

    My question to the pro's are:

    Do you do this?
    Are there pitfalls?

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    I fit sunglass progressives a few mm lower if the frame will allow for it. The majority of clients appreciate the larger distance area...The only drawback would be they have to lift their head a little to see the smallest size of print on say a roadmap.No worries, they usually love it once you show them.

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    Sometimes I lower it, sometimes I don't. If the person is going to do a lot of reading through the lenses, I don't lower it. If they are mainly using it for distance, sometimes I do.

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    It depends on what types of activity the patient is doing - the more active they are then yes, I have been known to drop it a few mm's ...

    The only pitfall I can think of (this answer is being typed before the coffee has kicked in ;) ) is if the dispenser "automatically" dropped it without discussing lifestyle with the patient (of course, in my experience, that would be the patient who DIDN'T want the seg dropped! )
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    Thumbs up No droppings......................

    It should actually NOT be dropped for any reason..........................that what they were designed for. You can do that with a flat top or other bifocals.

    The patient will get used to the correct measurement
    Chris Ryser

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