Gerber Coburn Enhances Dimetrix Lens
Verification/Finish Blocker Software

Unit Now Boasts Several New Advanced Features

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. – Gerber Coburn has enhanced the software in its Dimetrix lens verification and finish blocker, adding several new advanced features to the unit. Co-developed with Visionix, Ltd. Jerusalem, Dimetrix automatically verifies and blocks single vision, multi-focal, and progressive lenses in one device.

Dimetrix is an integrated tool, indicated Debby Corriveau, product manager, Gerber Coburn. “It uses two advanced technologies – Wavefront powerMAP® Technology for lens power analysis and image recognition for extremely precise lens blocking,” noted Corriveau. “When added into the lens finishing process, Dimetrix dramatically decreases manual lens verification and blocking cycle times, while at the same time reducing rework costs and the dependence on skilled labor.”

“And now with its new advanced features, Dimetrix streamlines the lens verification and finish blocking process further,” she stated. “The new Frame Mode provides a full job verification feature allowing the operator to view both eyes prior to blocking the second lens. This is essential when blocking bifocals or progressive lenses because it allows the operator to see the exact placement of the block on both eyes. The new Left and Right Prism Imbalance Settings ensure that progressive lenses are within prism tolerances, either by a complete job or by an individual lens. A Manual Offset Mode for block axis enables the laboratory to set an offset for the block axis, should it be required for production or Datum blocking. Also included in the software upgrade, Dimetrix now automatically recognizes dotted lenses, a key to reducing manual blocking time, particularly on anti-reflective coated lenses. ANSI 2005 tolerances have been pre-loaded into the machine, and laboratories may choose to customize these tolerances for tighter production. A daily maintenance mode has also been added to optimize the equipment’s performance.”

Corriveau went on to say, “Dimetrix is completely compatible with OMA compliant host software systems, making integration into the lab’s operations seamless. The unit is very easy to use, so lab technicians with little-to-no optical knowledge or experience can understand and operate Dimetrix. And with the flexibility to adapt settings by the user, labs can determine each operator’s skill level and adjust job authorities accordingly.”
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Wavefront powerMAP® is a registered trademark of Visionix, Ltd., Jerusalem