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Thread: Q: How do I post a poll?

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    Q: How do I post a poll?

    How to post a poll.

    * Click on 'New Thread' at the top right hand side of the poll forum page

    *Give your poll a subject, an icon, and a message to appear underneath it in the boxes provided

    *Tick the 'Post a poll' box at the bottom, and indicate how many options for answers you will require. (Although you can change this in the next screen)

    * Click on 'Submit New Thread' at the very bottom

    *Type your question on the new page

    *Decide on the number of options you need. Click on 'Update Options' to make any changes.

    * Enter your different options

    *Specify a time limit for the poll, in days. Set this to 0 if you want your poll to appear forever

    *'Submit new poll'!
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