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Thread: Q: Why is My Profile IMPORTANT?

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    Blue Jumper Q. Why is My Profile IMPORTANT!

    When registering for the board you made out a profile.It is important when updating your profile for the New board, that you include as much information as possible.This information is how other board members will know you, and this is the stuff that friendships will be built upon.

    Try this!

    If you didn't put your birthday into your profile, do it now! (Don't worry you can always erase it ) Now click on Calendar above, and get to the month you put in! If today was the day....Happy Birthday! if not, you'll have to wait till then.

    Did you notice the birthday grettings to Jackie O in the old board???

    How do you suppose anyone knew it was her Birthday?? :hammer: :hammer:

    The point to this is that the board will build friendships and that won't happen until we know ourselves a little better!The information you put into your profile is as SAFE as it was when you read the Guidelines! Profile information always can be edited by you at will.
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