One of the things people keep asking for is what is the breakdown of OptiBoard memebrs by occupation. Up to now we haven't been able to get a good hanlde on this. But now with the latest software upgrade we can makie this a required field for all members, whether they have registerewd or not. Here is the inf on the new field:

Occupation or Field

Please choose your current occupation, profession or employer's field. If retired, choose the field you identify with most.

Dispensing Optician
Ophthalmic Technician
Optical Retail
Optical Laboratory Technician
Optical Wholesale Lab (other positions)
Lens Manufacturer
Frame Manufacturer
Other Optical Manufacturer or Vendor
Other Eyecare-Related Field
Consumer or Non-Eyecare field

Before doing anything on the Board you will need to upddate this field in the Edit Profile section of the User CP. If this field in not filled out, you will receive a message asking you to fill this out first.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it's a quick edit. Thanks! :)