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Thread: ABO on Sun!

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    Just wanted you all to know that I've been reading lots and lots of great things on this Board that (I hope!!) will help me out a great deal this Sun. on the ABO!!

    ANY more ABO pointers would be GREATLY appreciated!!

    One day, I hope to be as proficient as you all are in Optics!! On my way!!

    Thanks again!

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    It's been awhile since I've taken the test... But I would recommend being proficient in at least the following areas:

    * Positions for measuring multifocals (e.g., pupil center for progressives, lower lid for bifocals, etc.)
    * Measuring for distance/near/mono PDs
    * How a prism works (e.g., bends light towards base and image towards apex)
    * Prentice's rule (Prism = Decentration x Power / 10)
    * Splitting prism between two eyes (e.g., 4 BU in OD = 2 BU in OD & 2 BD in OS)
    * Basic lens styles (e.g., single vision, flat-top, executive-style, etc.)
    * Basic frames styles (e.g., plastic/acetate, metal, nylon rimless, 3-pc rimless, etc.)
    * ANSI Z80.1 Standard lens tolerances
    * ANSI Z87.1 Standard safety tolerances
    * FDA impact resistance requirements (e.g., 5/8" drop-ball dropped from 50"; record kept for 3 years)
    * Converting back and forth from metric (e.g., 5 3/4" temple = 145 mm)
    * Common refractive errors and terminology (e.g., myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, anisometropia, etc.)
    * Common pathological conditions (e.g., cataract, macular degeneration, etc.)
    * Lenses used to correct errors (e.g., plus lens for hyperopia, slab-off for anisometropia, iseikonic lens for aniseikonia)
    * Common lens treatments (e.g., tints, AR coatings, photochromics, etc.)
    * Common frame adjustments (e.g., how to raise the frame using the pad/guard arms, how to bring one side closer to the face)
    * Basic dispensing tools (e.g., lensometer, lens clock, pliers, etc.)
    * Basic base curve theory (i.e., base curves are chosen to minimize peripheral lens aberrations such as oblique astigmatism)
    * Thin lens formula (Power = Front Curve + Back Curve)
    * Vocabulary -- You should at least be comfortable with the terms I've used here

    Hope this helps! It's at least a good start. Good luck to you!

    Best regards,

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    Fantastic info!!
    Thanks a TON!!!

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