Survey Results Show Need to Educate Parents on Importance of UV Protection Options

NEW YORK, March 31, 2006 – Highlighting the necessity to educate parents on the need for UV protection for the eyes, a recent survey sponsored by Transitions Optical, Inc. found that parents were half as likely to “always” choose UV blocking lenses for their children as adults would be for themselves. The survey, which explored the attitudes of parents who have children that wear prescription eyewear, also found that one third of parents were “very unlikely” to get UV blocking lenses for their children.

“These responses are quite startling, but no one questions that parents want what’s best for their children, and this includes long-term eye health,” said Carole Bratteig, manager education and training, Transitions. “The findings point to the obvious low awareness among parents of the importance of selecting UV blocking eyewear today to help preserve their children’s vision for the future.”

According to the survey, 31 percent of parents said that their purchase of UV blocking lenses for their kids would depend on price, while 11 percent said it would depend on how much time they thought the glasses would be worn outdoors.

Bratteig added, “There is a perception that children lose or grow out of their lenses sooner than adults, which may explain why parents are more price-sensitive when selecting their children’s eyewear. However, given that children’s eyes are more vulnerable to UV radiation, and that an estimated 80 percent of lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18, UV blockage is a must-have for all children’s eyewear.”

To aid in eyecare professionals’ efforts to educate parents about the need for UV blocking lenses for their children, Transitions Optical remains committed to its Eye Didn’t Know That! youth education program and is planning expansions to the Web site and school program in 2006. The company also offers an array of educational point-of-sale and marketing materials eyecare professionals can customize and use in their own practices through the Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool at

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Survey conducted on behalf of Transitions Optical, Inc. from March 9-13, 2006 by ICR, Media, Pa.