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Thread: Questions on ABO/NCLE

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    Redhot Jumper Questions on ABO/NCLE

    Let me clarify my questions!!! I always hear or see on this website and in general speaking people going for their ABO, but no one really speaks of the NCLE!?!?! I work for Wal-Mart Vision Center at this time...I have worked for Royal Optical, Pearle Vision, & One Hour Optical...that was 20 some years ago...Wal-Mart says they will reimburse me for the ABO test, but doesn't mention the NCLE. I don't remember anything being a big request for a certified NCLE. I have finally sent my money off for both tests...I am finally going for what I wanted when I was in my 20's but was too young & stupid to realize the advantages. I plan on going for my license afterwards as well, but one step at a time. Also I have a TOPS book from 2000, is this still reliable? But I don't have any information on the NCLE. I don't think I will have much trouble...since I did go to school for Optometric Assistant in 1982. Everything is coming back to me pretty easy...some of the formulas I have had to request some help on from the doctors that I work with. Just wanting to know why there isn't any request or much speaking of the NCLE & if anyone knows of some good websites/books (fairly cheap) for this information. other question...does anyone know how to figure the numbers that are on the chart they use to figure the Prentice Formula? or where I can get that information, the TOPS book only has a chart that I really don't think they will provide for us at the test, but don't explain in the book .Any help, answers, or :idea: is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, ljeyes

    Can anyone out there tell me what the advantages of getting the NCLE is? I am getting ready to go for both tests, but I haven't seen alot of demand for a NCLE. I haven't paid yet, but will in the next few days. Just wondering what's the advantage? Also is there any good websites to get studying information from?
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