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Thread: VSP High-Index Coverage

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    VSP High-Index Coverage

    When VSP Insurance covers high-index lenses, does it only cover 1.67, or also 1.71 and 1.74 index lenses?


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    Wink They don't cover any . . .

    hi index lens entirely. They will cover a portion of any hi index lenses including 1.70 & 1.74. You will pay the overages according to the VSP fee schedule.

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    Some coverages do include high index. They're not common, but you'll even see plans that cover PALs and AR. I saw a "Exam and $200" for contacts the other day.

    Whenever I have a specific "what does this cost on VSP?" question, pull open the patient's reports on Eyefinity, and hit the third (I think) tab over--"Patient Options Charges". It will tell you exactly what the patient's portion is for virtually anything. I think VSP breaks up 1.67 and 1.70+ indices into different categories, so it should be very clear when you look at that.

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