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Thread: What Is The Stupidest Question You Have Been Asked

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    Quote Originally Posted by jefe View Post
    There was a lab tech at a place I worked who was always given the last order of the day to complete, often leading to a disaster. One time, he cut glass lenses in an Optronics edger. Another time, he put plastic lenses into an air hardener. He was able to hold onto his position for a surprisingly long time.

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    Just remembered a story about an optician I worked with. Jefe's story made me think of it. In a boutique, and any time we had those pesky Ray Ban glass lenses, we had different ways of tackling removal. I'd heat 'em to lava and pop 'em out. My buddy would try, and if he couldn't, he would take a screwdriver/hammer combo to the lens and shatter it out. Our third optician was.......not as good with them. They would usually pass them off to us to remove. They couldn't get them out with heat without straight melting the frame, so they asked my buddy his method. He told them, he would lay it down (he demonstrated for them by laying a cloth down and then placing the glasses face down), position a screwdriver right in the center, and then take a hammer to the screwdriver to get it to impact and crack the lens. Okay, simple enough it seemed. So one day, he's off, and they bring me this pair of polished black Wayfarers. I took one look at the front of them and expletives left my mouth. WTF batman. I asked them what happened to the frame and they said she didn't know. They just took them out back and removed the lenses like my buddy had shown them. When I asked what they meant by out back, they proceeded to tell me that they had taken the glasses out behind the office, laid them face down on the <b>concrete</b>, with nothing underneath it, and hammered the lens out with the screwdriver method. I asked them if they put anything down to protect the front of the glasses and they looked at me like I was an alien. Nupe. They straight up destroyed the front of the frames on the concrete. I was speechless.

    Not as much stupid question, but definitely a dumbfounding moment.

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    At my old office, I started out as a tech for the optometrists. I would hear a lot of... interesting things from patients during the workup and going over their history. Sometimes they tell you things you wish you could un-hear.

    One thing that would always drive me NUTS is whenever I would do the visual field. I had an elaborate speech I would give to explain why I was doing the test, what we hoped to learn from the test, and what I needed them to do. Something like "This is the visual field test. The doctor wants to test your field of vision. This will tell us if there are any spots in your field of vision that we should be concerned about and can help the doctor diagnose any associated eye conditions. Because we are testing your field of vision, we need you to look straight ahead at the target during the entire test. If you look around, we won't get an accurate test. I am handing you a little remote with a button on the end. You will see little flashing bars all over the screen. I have it set on demo mode, so you should see them flashing now. When I start the test, I want you to click the button on the remote any time you see one of those flashing bars. Any questions?" Patient: "No." Me: starts test.... About 30 seconds go by and they haven't clicked the button at all. Me: "Are you seeing any of the flashes?" Patient: "Oh, was I supposed to be doing something?" I died a little more inside each time this happened. Yet, when I would use the auto-refractor and explicitly told them I just wanted them to stare at the target, and that I wasn't asking for any verbal response, they would say "Better... better, no worse, worse..." etc.

    My old office also had an ancient non-contact tonometer, also known as "the air puff test." I had people accuse me of blowing medicine in their eye. Or claim I somehow changed their vision. Often they thought I was dilating their eye. Nope, just air. I even had a lady, weeks after her complete exam where I "puffed" her eye, accuse me of puffing germs in her eye on purpose so we could make money on patient's coming back to see us with infections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spexvet View Post
    Q: "why do all the frames you have look the same?" A: "you mean you can't tell the difference between this black plastic 54 eye aviator double bridge frame and this Silhouette rimless 48 eye oval? You really do need new glasses!"

    Q: "what's the difference between my old prescription and my new one" A: "half a diopter" reponse: "what does that mean" :hammer: SWC Poker

    Q: "Does my insurance cover this?" A: "uh....what kind of GD insurance do you have, like I'm supposed to know already" response: "I's like vision... something"

    Q: "what's this green stuff on my eyepieces? A: "face cheese. Try cleaning your glasses more than once a week, dirtbag" Crypto POS

    Q: "do my glasses need adjusting?" A: "if you need to ask, the answer is: no, they don't"

    Rant officially over :o
    Do you enjoy having sex?
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    Ok lets go

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    What kind of practice do you work at??

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