Younger Optics introduces TRILOGY® TRANSITIONS® FT28!

(TORRANCE, CA — December 2005) California-based lens innovator Younger Optics has once again broken new ground with the introduction of Trilogy Transitions Lenses in a Flat-Top 28.

In the past, if a patient needed an impact resistant Flat-Top, and wanted a Transitions Lens, they were “out of luck”. The choice of either a Flat-Top polycarbonate or Trivex® lens without Transitions Technology, or a Flat-Top Transitions Lens without impact strength had to be made. According to David Rips, President and CEO of Younger Optics, “This has been one of the most obvious ‘product gaps’ of recent years. As the growth of impact materials and Transitions Lens Offerings has speeded up, this ‘gap’ has become even more troublesome. It’s no fun having to say ‘NO’ to customers. We’re empowering the eye care professional to say ‘YES’ from here on out.” With the new Trilogy Transitions FT28 Lens from Younger Optics, patients can have the Flat-Tops they need, Transitions Lenses they love, and Impact Resistance and Strength they deserve.

“Our unique business model allows us to partner with industry-leading lens manufacturers, like Younger Optics, to offer the widest availability of photochromic lens technology,” added Dave Cole, general manager of the Americas, Transitions Optical, Inc. “We will continue to build on that availability based on industry trends so that no matter what materials or lens type an eyecare professional recommends for their patient it will be available in the most advanced photochromic technology.”

Trilogy Transitions FT28 Lenses are the ideal choice for rimless drill mount frames. The advanced Trilogy lens is manufactured with the revolutionary new Trivex material that has comparable impact resistance to polycarbonate, but with superior optical characteristics (Abbe value 45) and lower internal stress.

Transitions Lenses are an excellent choice for a primary pair of prescription eyewear. Virtually clear indoors, automatically darkening outdoors, they provide 100% UV protection for optimum versatility.