An opportunity to join us in providing optometric services to a most appreciative group of people, the native Alaskans.

I guarantee you will never have a more interesting and rewarding experience. If you've got the ability to understand different cultures, and are flexible enough to endure the unique working conditions, you can do this. Understand that sleeping arrangements will vary and may be less than optimum at times. Travel is by jet, small one and two engine planes, snow machine, boat, or dog sled. Working conditions are whatever is available at the village being visited. The workday will also vary depending upon the purchasing patterns of the villagers. Sounds great, doesn't it?

We're completely open for any arrangements that would be suitable for you. Full time or part time.

Should you be looking for full time work, the trips are monthly and are for periods of approximately 12 days. The rest of the time you would be off, enjoying this beautiful state of Alaska.

Please call or email for more information