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    I work for a large discount optical chain, which recently received notice from LUXOTTICA (now proud owners of RAYBAN) that they will no longer sell their "superior" product to anyone other than specialty optical shops and independent OD's. OK, Help me out here.Imwondering where they are headed with this strategy ? all I can see ahead is inflated costs, and harder to find product.I have dealt with rayban sunwear for many years. there are many other companies that stand with or surpass the quality & customer service that B&L had to offer. Has anyone been affected by this crazy decision ? even if I still owned my shop,I would be wondering "WHY" ??

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    I recently purchased a Ray-Ban Suncenter. Shortly there after my rep quit and I was stuck with 50 some frames. I showed them my appreciation by sending them all back and taking on Marchon's new Nike line and Safilo's Carrera. Both are very nice and priced about the same.

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    How many other people bought the Sun Center and found that they have a lot of expensive shades that they can't move. Probably due to the Luxottica manditory retail price?

    Weigh in on this one.

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    Since this message thread has to do with the optical business, I'm moving it over to the General Discussion Forum.

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