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Thread: Optician wanted to make lenses!

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    Optician wanted to make lenses!

    I'm not an optician and don't really know much about optometry or anything relating to the eyes. But I was wondering if there is an optician out there or someone capable that could create an exact pair of lenses that I want to have made. I'm willing to pay anything resonable(that I can), but only to the EXACT effect that I'm trying to get. I have a pair of Oakley Juliets that I want to have a pair of lenses made for IDENTICAL to the ones James Marsden where's in X-Men 1. I have several links here to show you that have pictures of the screen used pair, here is a quote of the different layers to the lenses:
    "What about the ruby quartz lens? Three coatings cover a dyed blood red plutonite lens, including a pure chrome back layer and anti-reflection material on both sides for extra ruby punch."
    Anyways, Oakley sells something that claims to be the pair from the movie but they aren't nearly as dark red, which is why I can't over-state, I want an exact match as far as color goes, here are some links to the HERO pair, and some others as well:
    anyone that's interested please e-mail me at

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    Getting the colur right for a vacum coat is tricky enough on the best of days. Presented with such a narrow wish, for a process out of the control of the optician (the coating process), I cant imagine any optician would want to take the job on, especially if you dont want to budge on youe wish for an exact match.

    I recommend you sleuth out who did the job for the film company, and aproach them

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