Patented sun lens delivers 100% polarization efficiency with 40% light transmission

San Luis Obispo, CA - As people grow older, their eyes, like most organs, deteriorate. According to Peter Kissinger, President of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, As we age, our reaction time and other cognitive skills can diminish. For instance; our eyesight deteriorates to such an extent that by age 60 we require 10 times the amount of light necessary to see an object as when we were 16. Many drivers have come to depend on the visual advantage provided by polarized sunwear when behind the wheel. Its ability to eliminate reflected glare is key to reducing eyestrain and making hazards more visible. Unfortunately, as drivers mature, they find that they can no longer use standard polarized lenses due to increasing light requirements, and are left with few options in polarized eyewear.

Kieran Hardy, General Manager of Live Eyewear says Traditionally, if you want 100% polarization, you are going to have to accept very low light transmission from a sunglass lens. Most lenses that deliver 100% polarization transmit from 11% to 16% of available light. A clear 100% polarized lens is not within our reach, but the new MAX-LT lens helps bridge the gap. People requiring a higher amount of light transmission due to existing eye conditions or low light environments, end up not wearing polarized sunglasses as they are too dark. MAX-LT eliminates this restriction.

Utilizing patented technology, MAX-LT lenses deliver approximately 40% of available light to the eye without compromising polarization efficiency. Most polarized lenses that have high light transmission (+30%) are not 100% efficient. The new MAX-LT lens delivers all the benefits of 100% polarization with greatly improved light transmission levels. This unique combination of features allows people to wear a 100% polarized lens in reduced light levels that would normally prohibit the use of a polarized lens.

MAX-LT is available exclusively from Live Eyewear. The lens is featured in several Live Eyewear product lines, both OveRx and Solo models. MAX-LT polarized polycarbonate lens blanks are scratch resistant and available to eyecare professionals in 6 and 8 base curves.

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