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Thread: Problem with 1.60 Hoya Aspheric

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    Question Problem with 1.60 Hoya Aspheric

    Just got new glasses made with 1.60 Hoya Eayas hi-index aspheric lenses. My right eye is clear but the left is blurry all around the edges and in my paraphrial vision. Had the perscription re-checked in the left eye and a small change was made to the cylinder. The new lens has the same problem minus the bad headache. I mentioned to the optician about the Hoya lens that is a double aspheric atoric lens but she had never heard of it, I read that it can help with making the whole field of vision clear. My perscription is R. Sphere +5.5 Cylind - 1.75 Axis 084 L +5.5 Cylind - 1.75 Axis 065. Anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this or how to correct it. This is not a problem with my old poly-carb lenses. Thanks!

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    Could either be down to incorrect centre or left lens has been overglazed (ground too big for frame and is thus bowing).


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