(TORRANCE, CA August 2005) California-based lens innovator Younger Optics is expanding the NuPolar product line with a new Green-15 polarized lens.

The traditional glass Ray-Ban G-15 color has been one of the most enduring colors in sunwear. Its popularity has been, and continues to be, timeless. The problem is that until now, no polarized plastic lens has attempted to match this timeless and enduring color.

When a G-15 color is requested for plastic Rx polarized sunwear, a lens is typically supplied that is more blue-gray than green-gray. Also, the lens supplied may be of a different color depending on whether it is ordered in Hard Resin or Polycarbonate. Virtually no attempt has been made to be true to the original color concept.

Im very excited to introduce an Rx polarized lens in Hard Resin and Polycarbonate that closely matches the color of Ray-Bans original G-15 glass lens, said David Rips, President and CEO of Younger Optics. Currently, no other polarized lens offers that.

NuPolars Green-15 lens offers the important glare-blocking qualities you expect in a quality polarized lens. It is manufactured with all the features that make NuPolar unique: unsurpassed optics and film placement accuracy, color consistency, ease in processing, and heat stability (even when subjected to the elevated temperatures encountered during many hard coating and A/R coating processes). Green-15 is available in Single Vision Hard Resin and Polycarbonate.

For more information about Younger Optics, NuPolar lenses and other products, visit the companys web site at, or call (800) 877-5367.