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Thread: Looking for a Doctor

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    Does anybody know where I can find a listing of Dr's looking for work? Maybe someone knows a Dr. looking to branch out on his own, I own an optical shop in Va and I am looking for a Dr. who doesn't want me to work for him or her, someone who may want a partnership. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would use a classified ad in a large metro area paper.In MA, for example, I would use the Boston Globe.I once got a response from someone in Pittsburgh who had picked up a Globe that had been left on the plane.He turned out to be a good hire.Also you might want to try any of the optometry schools who usually have placement departments.Hope this helps

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    You may want to peruse the back section of your trade journal subscriptions. You will find a lot of ads there, whether "looking to hire" or "looking for work". Also consider posting an ad in one of the top mags like VM or 20/20. However, the very best way to find a doctor is to contact your state optometric association as well as the national boards - the AOA ect. These organizations always have an ongoing referral system for their members who are either looking to add to their practices, or looking to move on to greener pastures -- GOOD LUCK!

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    I am a Dr in Idaho. I suggest you go to your Wal-Mart and visit with the Dr in the vision center. That Dr will know of optometrists in the area who are available for fill in. Fill in Dr's are often optometrists who are looking for more permanent work. Also, maybe the Dr in WM is looking to jump ship. And when he does he takes all the patient files with him.
    Good luck

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