I have the following frames for sale. They are brand new, still in packages and most are current:

Tommy Hilfinger
TH-3052 56/17/140 Gun
TH3042 53/17/130 SL
TH3052 56/17/140 Brn
TH3078 53/17/135 BLK
TH3046 49/16/140 Pur
TH3077 52/17/135 Pur
TH3044 51/15/140 Blk
TH3046 49/16/140 Blk
TH3044 51/15/140 TO
TH3041 55/18/140 Abrn
TH3038 52/18/140 Gun
TH3042 53/17/130 Brn
TH3038 52/18/140 Plt
TH3041 55/18/140 Ablk

$18.00 each plus shipping

734-934-7089 Doug Leave Message.....I will return call

Also ask about Autoflex, Nike Flexon, Gucci, Liz Claiborne, Laura Ashley and More....all brand new in packages....some with their own designer case