BEAVERTON, OR - A new computer lens comparison survey conducted by ODs in four different regions of the country found that subjects overwhelmingly preferred near variable focus (NVF) lenses to progressive lenses for computer use.

The survey, conducted by PRIO Corporation, took current wearers of premium progressive lenses who spend a minimum of three hours daily at the computer, and fitted them with NVF lenses.

"We chose to conduct the survey because of the perception by many ECPs and consumers that progressive lenses are a good choice for viewing a computer screen," said Jon Torrey, President/CEO of PRIO, the market leader in computer vision care. "The data reported by subjects in this survey showed that NVF lenses are a much better choice in terms of comfort and clarity."

The following results were reported:
* 81% preferred NVF lenses (70% "strongly", 11% "mildly")
* 19% preferred PALs (14% "strongly", 5% "mildly")
* 84% experienced the lowest level of computer eyestrain with the NVF lenses
* 86% reported the best clarity with NVF lenses
* 89% said they had less head movement with NVF lenses

"NVF lenses typically give computer users much wider intermediate vision than general-purpose PALs. The results of this survey seem to confirm the visual benefits," continued Torrey.

PRIO collected and analyzed the results of three surveys given to 40 computer-using subjects from around the country. Subjects were asked to fill out an initial survey to give a baseline rating of the visual characteristics of their progressives while at the computer. The four participating ODs then gave each patient a computer vision exam with the PRIO vision tester and a pair of NVF lenses. Subjects wore their NVF lenses for five days while working at the computer only (average 5.5 hours per day), and then filled out a similar survey. Finally, subjects returned to wearing their progressives at the computer for two more days and then recorded their preferences.

Participants in the study were also given the option to comment on the differences they experienced. "I can see about 95% better at the computer [with the NVF lenses)," said one. "I only wear my progressives now when I go to lunch and after work."

Commented another, "NVF lenses have helped me tremendously and have basically eliminated eyestrain and headaches by meeting my computer vision needs."

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