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Thread: Certified Optician/Lab Manager Needs Private Practice Work, Palm Beach Area

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    Georgia currently but heading south asap. I'm originally from Charlotte, N.C., but I've lived in Texas, colorado and California as well.

    Destination Florida / Who Needs Help ?

    Thank you for your interest. I have been considering relocating to Florida for some time and I believe my window has opened. This decision has been a long, methodical process and I consider it a wise one, both personally and professionally. I have something to offer any business that recognizes a need for what I represent. Competence. I can educate, sell, fit, surface lenses with precision, fabricate and dispense. I can manage effectively. I am loyal and professional. Currently I maintain ABO certification, I have passed the Ga. practical exam and I am registered for NCLE testing mid-Nov.; I will be licensed by mid-Dec. in this state. My goal is then to obtain Florida licensure asap. I have experience ranging from exclusive high profit sales to one doctor rural practices. I am flexible as to where I can relocate to. Please contact me if you feel I can compliment your staff and private practice. I am patient enough to delay any decisions until I feel the opportunity for success has arrived. Again, thank you for your interest and time.
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