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    Quote Originally Posted by harrysaake View Post
    hello optiboard, immm back
    Been quite awhile since i have been here, and i have noticed this thread has turned into a lot of quotes that has nothing to do with TIPS. With all the new type frames and lenses that have evolved since i started this thread back in 2000, i would think there should be many.
    This thread has been helpful to many all over the world. I have been contacted by optical groups in the phillipines, india, england etc.and a number of educators. This just enhances and shows the power of optiboard. That being said, who would like to start with a useful tip.

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    ^There has been much change... some for the better and some for the worse (hence my own hiatus) But here we are continuing to share within the industry.

    I think the issue with a 48 page thread is that the posters are aware of the amount of repetition. True, there are many new materials and I think that some of those have their own threads, but we can repost some of the goods here.

    *Explaining PALs to their fullest before pick-up can be overwhelming. I like to give the basics and follow up with "We will go into more depth on how to use the lens once you can try it on." I feel that this helps to not overwhelm new presbyopes.

    *I recommend not heating transitional lenses as much as possible. I don't care the material- they are notorious for crazing under heat.

    *Keep quality demos. Why would you ever toss Ray Ban demos the patient doesn't want when someone else might come in to order RB planos and be willing to pay for that stupid etched logo?

    *Keep demos for hard to size frames like Ovvo and ICBerlin. The original demo will always trace better for reuse of the frame. We keep a catalog of the right demo with the model number written right on it.

    *Always salvage what you can from broken frames. If you can't warranty it, strip it so you have parts for repairs.

    *For a super tricky temple repair, I will use electrical tape and then shrink tube over it. This combo can work wonders.

    *Tribrid is still my dream replacement for poly, but cost (and an odor so ferocious you want to snort acetone to rid it) keep it in the background. That being said, it is still available from select manufacturers and can be a cure-all for the needy Rx (thin, chip/ scratch resistant, better Abbe value)
    Have I told you today how much I hate poly?

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    I finally finished reading this thread! All 48 pages! I have learned a lot of great tips and tricks. It's really amazing to be able to get this knowledge from people who started in this field as far back as the 50s. This is invaluable! Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

    I am a complete newbie compared to everyone else, (10 years in the eye care biz with one 2.5 year stint as an optician but the rest as a receptionist/optometric tech and now back to optician since January 2021).

    Here are some things I don't recall reading in this thread.

    1. ODs and ophthalmologists work in opposite cyls - seems basic and "duh" to most but a lot of salespeople may not know. I currently am an optician in an ophthalmology practice. Both our ophthalmologist and out optom prescribe in plus cylinder. We get confused calls from outside opticians/salespeople not understanding the plus cylinder. Transpose it if it helps you. :)

    2. When troubleshooting new glasses that a patient says aren't clear, there are a few overlooked potential causes. Material change. Most patients won't notice but some will sense the lower ABBE value of polycarbonate. It has happened to me a handful of times. (If you have a patient who is very sensitive to even the slightest axis change, and they are used to a certain material, you may wish to just stick with the same material.) A lot of people today just put everyone in poly as a default. Another potential thing to keep in mind if someone isn't seeing 20/20 with their new glasses and you have access to the exam notes is are they even correctable to 20/20? Some patients have eye diseases that have caused vision loss that no amount of lens will help.

    3. The 2nd point brings me to this one - consider having the EMR accessible to your optical staff. It's so convenient to just look a patient's records up in EMR and see what their best corrected VA was and what eye conditions they have. You can also see any notes the doctors or techs made about a difficult refraction.

    4. For Transitions and photochromic lens demonstrations during the sale and during the dispense - a UV flashlight is a great way to instantly show the patient that yes, their lenses were made with Transitions or to show them the darkest they can possibly get. You could cover half the lens with your hand and leave the other half exposed, and shine that UV light right on it and BAM - side by side comparison. UV flashlights are only a few dollars to $10 on Amazon nowadays. We also use them when doing final inspection on completed jobs. There have been a few occasions where one lens is grey and one's brown, or one was made with photochromic and the other lens not. Saves you from having to apologize to the patient. Always, always, always educate the patient on realistic expectations. If it's cloudy out, they won't get as dark. If it's cold, they will take longer to revert to clear.

    5. For new PAL wears, I made a little diagram of the way a progressive lens is laid out and laminated it. I pull it out to explain and show them that progressive corridor and that the trade-off will be that they won't be able to read close up looking out of the bottom outer corners of their lens. Of course, I re-educate more in depth during the dispense, but explaining all that and gauging their reaction also helps me to get a feel for whether they will be a good candidate. Sometimes a FT28 or 7X28 is just a better option.

    6. The magic trick - I have seen this mentioned on other threads. When you have a patient who is complaining about glasses and you cannot find a single thing left to adjust or change, tell them you are going to take them back and try another adjustment. Out of patient sight, lay them on the counter and wait a few moments. Make some noise. Come back out and ask them to give them a try. Many times they will say, "So much better." It's really magic. Sometimes certain patients just need to think you've adjusted them so many times.

    Going to think up some more and post again.

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    Good post Krystle. Regards to #6, being a successful Optician requires 80% Psychology, 20% Ophthalmic knowledge.

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    Krystle, I do the same thing with #5. I have a form that is a color chart that shows the difference between conventional progressives, digital progressives and even camber. I also have included FT and near variable focus lenses. It's great for all patients. We have color copies that we hand out. It's pretty generic showing the general corridors but it works great for them to understand. Helps to explain why you can see computer better with computer glasses etc. I also have a "lens menu" that we created that has all materials and definitions and also lens types. I often circle what the patient chose and write prices on the back etc. I find this helps after they get home and can't remember what digital meant or what trivex was etc. Also lets them make an informed decision. So much better.
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