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  1. How often does your practice do frame inventory

    I am wondering how often frame inventory is done by practices. We do one once a month. We have between 600 and 650 frames and takes about 3 hours. Is this typical? Thanks
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    Best way to raise Prices

    We have not raised prices on our glasses in over 8 years. Now unfortunately we find we must. It looks like there are to ways t do it. A larger hit to our progressive pricing or a smaller increase...
  3. How does your practice market their Optical department

    Does anyone use Done4You by the ADO group or the Alliance buying group to help them with their marketing. If so what is your experience with them? What do they do for you? Are you satisfied with...
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    Thank you for your thoughtful and informative...

    Thank you for your thoughtful and informative information. It is greatly appreciated. Sam
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    Managing Web Page

    I would like to know how many practices manage there own web page. Do practices out source the design and updating of their web pages or does someone in the office take on that task. How much does...
  6. sending Thank you notes for glasses purchase

    I would like to start sending thank you notes to patients after they purchase glasses from our clinic. I would like to hear from people who do that and what advise you might have for sending out...
  7. This Is extremely helpful info! Thanks for your...

    This Is extremely helpful info! Thanks for your thoughtful input
  8. Form for Patients to self submit to their insurance

    Our practice does not taking any vision plans for hardware. I would like to know if anyone has a form they have put together that can be given to a patient with information that would help them...
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    High redo rates

    I am very interested in hearing how different eye care professionals deal with high redo rates. I work for Ophthalmologists e 3 highest reasons for redo 1- Rx changes; 2- Patient satisfaction - 3rd...
  10. What is the best free-form digital lens measuring device?

    We are thinking of adding an automatic device for taking measurements for free form digital lenses primarily we sell Shamir digital lenses. We are going to have a demonstration of the SpecTech from...
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