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  1. Are you negotiating for RENT RELIEF OR DEFERRED RENT?

    Hi all-
    I figured I would get ahead of the curve - wondering if anyone has begun moves for rent relief in the form of a lesser amount or deferred rent for those landlords who are not budging.

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    Are the operations bound solely by the laws of...

    Are the operations bound solely by the laws of the state they operate in? So if i am from An optician free state i can ship all over creation with no boundaries?
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    So we can ship and dispense out of state but we...

    So we can ship and dispense out of state but we cant dispense without a license within the state?? Any one familiar with the regulatory covenants can chime in on this?
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    prescriptions online

    just checked out one of the online prescription companies - just wondering

    how do those companies get away with filling a prescription online when the optician on the phone is not licensed to...
  5. what do you guys think of the JINS, Zoff, brick and mortar price model?

    lots of margin, room to grow for an experienced optical operator ... and OD would be part owner in a heavily trafficked mall against lenscrafters?

    $99 all inclusive frame/lens with a pared down...
  6. Thank you! I guess the codes haven’t changed much...

    Thank you! I guess the codes haven’t changed much in 4 years?
  7. frame and lens insurance billing codes list?

    a very dark art - it seems everyone I speak with in billing is hiding these codes and holding it very close to their chest!? does anyone elsse feel the same way? i believe the billers for the other...
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    qspex lenses

    has anyone ever had experience with qspex brand of lenses? they appear to be pretty good quality
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    AR coat safe paint/ink

    does anyone know which type of paint/ink can be used safely on lenses with ar coats?

    water based, acrylic, etc?
  10. what is the tolerance for axis - to what degree is it dispensable?

    wondering what others are doing out there if the frame turns out 2-3 degrees off axis? would you consider that dispensable?
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    thank you for the input!!

    is the quality of the cut different for full frame pieces? i know its probably faster in the cut with the higher end model. and no drill for drill mount - but is there any other differences in...
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    the small foot print and ease of use is a huge...

    the small foot print and ease of use is a huge draw for me in addition to the price!
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    nidek santinelli le 700

    Hi There,
    wondering if anyone seasoned has had the nidek LE 700 unit for extended period and can provide thoughts on the machine? i am looking at the unit and wondering how it stacks up against an...
  14. Transition extra active alternative uncut?

    Looking for a supplier with similar technology overseas or domestic. Was checking our prices for these lenses and they were pretty pricey in comparison w our other lenses

    thank you for reading
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    Ive been looking for a while as well... anyone...

    Ive been looking for a while as well... anyone have insight at all?
  16. Tinting on top of an Active Transition for a darker idle state

    Hi Guys,
    im getting very conflicting opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to create an even darker idle state on an active transition lens. The patient would like a 15-20% dark idle state...
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    Lease arrangements help w negotiations

    Hi All,
    There's been so much change in the marketplace and dynamics when it comes to competition. It used to be that my competitor is across the street, now my competitor is across the world...
  18. Thank you so much all for your contributions

    Thank you so much all for your contributions
  19. Any Optiboard Californians out there that can...

    Any Optiboard Californians out there that can chime in on reciprocation please? :cool:
  20. Reciprocation of license in California or Washington

    Hi All -
    looking to see what reciprocation is available in those 2 states - i keep emailing the board getting no response. Basically Id like to know if I need to take the full exams again. I am...
  21. Supplier recommendations for Uncut lens blanks for readers

    Hi -any recommendations for cheap uncut lens blanks that are decent for quick turn around reader jobs?
  22. Experience with a Sale of an optical practice

    Hi All
    The practice that I am working at has an owner who is looking to retire that is looking to sell. Any tips on optical groups in the US that look at aquiring store fronts? Has anyone ever had...
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    I hate my pupilometer

    My pupilometer constantly eats AA batteries like its at a buffet. It is an Essilor model. Any opticians out there have a better pupilometer or a very good PD ruler instead?
  24. Im a student needing help explaining this problem...

    nvm - just figured it out =)
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    Time available for private tutor via skype?

    Hi Judy,
    I was wondering if you or someone you know have the time to possibly tutor over skype? I would gladly compensate you for your time -
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