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  1. Holiday Special: Buy 12 Frames, Get The 13th For Free!

    Hello Eye Care Professionals,

    I hope that all of you are having a great holiday season thus far.

    I wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that we are running a holiday special,...
  2. Hands of Time Eyewear Welcomes New Sales Consultant For S.California & Las Vegas


    We are excited to announce that Ben Nemeth has joined the Hands of Time Eyewear team. He will be the new sales consultant for Southern California and Las Vegas.

    Ben is an optical...
  3. Francis Drake 2019 Fall/Winter Collection Now Available!

    Click here to view the latest Francis Drake Eyewear collection, which consists of eight new styles for women & men, including
    titanium drill mounts with color bands & perfect fit alternative...
  4. Looking For A New Independent Eyewear Line @ Vision Expo West?

    ECP's Pay Too Much For Great Eyewear, So We Fixed It!

    Hands of Time Eyewear works directly with IEP's to
    overcome product challenges by offering superior
    Italian-made eyewear collections at...
  5. Are You Experiencing Product Challenges and Looking For New Frame Vendors?

    Are you tired of high frame costs? Is "Made in China" eyewear hurting your practice image?
    Mad that people use your frame dispensary for their online purchases? We understand the
  6. New Francis Drake Summer Collection Available Today

    Click here to view five new Francis Drake Optical styles including two styles with magnetic polarized clip-ons!

    14304 14305 14306 14307

    About Hands of Time Eyewear:

    Our focus is...
  7. New Product Release: Francis Drake 2019 Winter Collection

    Hands of Time Eyewear, an Independent eyewear company that works directly with ECPís to overcome product
    challenges by offering superior Italian-made collections at affordable price points, is...
  8. Looking For New Lines @ Vision Expo West? If So, Check Out Francis Drake & Christie's

    Looking for new lines at Vision Expo West? Make sure to check out the Francis Drake
    & Christie's Fall 2018 Eyewear Collections. Call (855)266-7250 to schedule an appointment.
    In the suites at the...
  9. Are You Looking For New Independent Eyewear Lines?

    Want to do more business with independent eyewear companies? Check out Hands of Time Eyewear.

    Our focus is to help Independent Eye Care Professionals. Itís no secret that IEPs are facing many...
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    Italian Eyewear, Honestly Priced!

    Sure, our Italian-made eyewear almost cost half as much as some of the big brands.
    But Eye Care Professionals are really liking Hands of Time frames because we simply
    make great eyewear.

  11. Francis Drake Eyewear 2018 Summer Collection Now Available

    Click here to view 4 new optical styles for men and women!

    Click here to view 5 new polarized sunglasses for men & women!

    Click here to learn more about Hands of Time Eyewear.

    13851 13852...
  12. Make 2018 Your Year of Independence

    As we celebrate our 1st-year anniversary, we want to thank all of those that have supported us,
    and invite all eye care professionals to make 2018 your year of independence. Discover how
    Hands of...
  13. New Product Releases From Hands of Time Eyewear | Sign Up Today & Get Free Shop Cloth

    Click here to view 4 new styles from the Francis Drake Eyewear Collection.

    Click here to view 8 new styles from the Christie's Jewelry Eyewear Collection.

    Must sign-in to view pricing. If you...
  14. Being Smaller Allows Us To Do Things That Well-Known Eyewear Companies Can't

    Being smaller allows us to do things that bigger companies can't. Here are a few examples of how we're different from all the others and how that can benefit your practice/store! Click image to...
  15. New Releases: 5 New Beautiful Styles From The Christie's Jewelry Collection

    Click here to view the five new styles from the Christie's Jewelry Collection.

    About Christies's:

    The Christie's Jewelry Eyewear line is a collection characterized by harmonious
    and elegant...
  16. Planning on going to Vision Expo? Register for free courtesy of Hands of Time Eyewear

    Hello, Vision Expo West is just around the corner. If you are planning on going, you can register for free courtesy of Hands of Time Eyewear. No obligation

    Click here to register

    If you would...
  17. ECPs Pay Too Much For Great Eyewear...So We Fixed It

    Better quality + Better Prices = Happy ECP

    Visit to view collections.

    Want to evaluate our product before you buy? 3 frames, 15 days, free trial! Click here to learn...
  18. Italian-Made Eyewear Collections Designed & Priced to Help Eye Care Professionals

    Visit to learn more!

    VSP Approved | 30-Day Billing | No Minimums | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  19. New Release: Perfect Fit Collection From Hands of Time Eyewear

    We created the Perfect Fit collection to accommodate those who
    have a shallower nose bridge & higher cheekbones. Our Perfect
    fit frames have built up bridges, so the frames sit higher on the ...
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    Tired of Being Price Shopped?

    One of the biggest challenges ECPs face is being price shopped.
    This happens because most the frames on their board can be bought online
    for less money. Hands of Time Eyewear collections are...
  21. The Optical Industry's Best-Kept Secret

    Check out what some Independent Eye Care Professionals are calling the optical industry's "best-kept secret!" Click here to learn more about Hands of Time Eyewear.

    13297 13298 13299
  22. Stock Up On Italian-Made Polarized Sunglasses @

    Need shades? Click here to view our selection of men's and women's polarized sunglasses. Made in Italy | Great Pricing | VSP Approved | No Minimums

    Must log-in to view prices.

    Have any...
  23. Is Designer Eyewear Hurting Your Practice?

    Did you know that carrying well-known designer eyewear is costing you money and
    is the main reason why so many IEPs lose business to online and big box retailers?

    Hands of Time Eyewear helps...
  24. Keep Them From Walking Out The Door With H.O.T.E.

    One of the biggest challenges for IEPs today is people using their practice as a showroom. People come in to try on frames but have no intent to buy because they will get it online for way less. How...
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    Thanks, Lisa!

    Thanks, Lisa!
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