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  1. Credit cards with Microchips. Can your practice process them?

    Are you ready for EMV?

    If you are not EMV enabled, then some of the liability of a data breach happening at your business shifts to you, and this could be catastrophic. Most small businesses...
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    Is your practice ready for EMV

    Hello everyone,

    Well, it's finally happening. Banks are going to start issuing all of us consumers credit cards with a micro-chip embedded. The main purpose is to reduce the enormous amount of...
  3. Payment processing questions you need to be asking

    I come across business owners all the time that are consistently asking the wrong questions when trying to navigate their merchant services. If the first question you ask is "what are your rates"...
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    credit card processing info

    It depends on who you choose to work with. Most companies will bank on the fact that you do not know the ins and outs of the payment card industry and will more than likely throw out a "low" rate...
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    We loaned the terminals to them and let them use them for a couple of months then they purchased them from us at cost. The terminals are high speed dual com access terminals which means they plug...
  6. Attract more Patients with a Google 360 tour of your practice

    ODPayments has teamed up with Trusted Google Photographers through out the country and there's probably one near you. This will give your practice a cost-effective way to expand your patient base and...
  7. Thanks Chris for sharing. your story is quite...

    Thanks Chris for sharing. your story is quite common in this industry. I hope the company you are with now is treating you the way you should be treated. I'm always here for you to ask questions...
  8. FTC Case Serves as a Reminder About Ethical Sales Practices

    The credit card processing industry is filled with lots of great sales agents. However, because of the actions of a certain breed of salespeople, it has also earned a somewhat negative reputation....
  9. I think you misunderstood my use of the word...

    I think you misunderstood my use of the word "partner".
    All I'm saying is its helpful to have someone who is focused on this industry so that you can focus on being an optometrist. Someone who's as...
  10. Hey everyone. I'm happy to see some good back...

    Hey everyone. I'm happy to see some good back and forth conversation. I do agree with you regarding the unfairness of the cards charging this fee or that fee. Believe me, I get it. There are MANY...
  11. Is your practice in a state that allows charging a "surcharge"

    I have received some great questions/ concerns from retail business owners who are part of a large buying group I work with. They want to know the legalities of charging a "surcharge" to their...
  12. Thread: PCI FAQ's

    by ODpayments

    PCI FAQ's

    I get asked questions concerning PCI compliance on a weekly basis so I thought I would post some hard facts about PCI. What it is and the importance of being compliant. I received this info from...
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    I agree. There are many fees that I personally...

    I agree. There are many fees that I personally do not agree with and in most cases can waive them. PCI compliance is $99 per year which is very low compared to what I have seen other companies...
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    I hear ya. That's an all too common occurrence in...

    I hear ya. That's an all too common occurrence in our industry. A company not being completely truthful about certain cost associated with taking credit cards. PCI (payment card industry) compliance...
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    Hello Johns. Thanks so much for the reply. ...

    Hello Johns. Thanks so much for the reply. Response are below. Please feel free to call me, e-mail me or let me know how I can connect with you

    1. 22 hours ---- Did you know that (depending...
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    We're curious to know..

    Help us help you (and win a prize, too!)

    We want to make sure we're addressing your practice's hot-button merchant services issues, and to do that, we need your input. Help us by answering the few...
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    Monthly tips to help your practice

    Common Credit Card Processing Questions Answered by Merchant Services Provider, Chosen Payments
    Hello Optiboard members! As part of our commitment to helping you and your practice succeed, we are...
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    Important: In addition..

    I wanted to post a follow up to my original.

    Our reputation and credibility will prove to show that we stand behind what we promise. Additionally we don’t sign you up for long-term contracts...
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    Important: New Optiboard Partner

    Hello members of Optiboard,

    We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with OptiBoard to provide you with an exclusive member benefit that could potentially provide...
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