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  1. Low Usage edgers and newer surfacing equipment and coating machine listings for July

    Several Retail Optical chains expanded and installed new equipment 2015- 2019...only to close some of those stores in 2020.....

    1 National Optronics 2G generator, 1812 cuts since new, Visual lab...
  2. "Specials" for mid-June......Edgers, generators and AR machines

    Equipment Specials for Mid June

    1 Mr. Blue Pattern-less edger, tracer, blocker,drill…. 19,500 cuts since new, new condition….$14,995 (NY)

    1 Kappa Pattern-less edger, tracer, blocker,14,200 cuts...
  3. April 14 To: Martin C From: Barry Thank you...

    April 14
    To: Martin C
    From: Barry

    Thank you for writing.

    Yes we will sell the $10,000 Drill package for $995USD plus crating and shipping costs to your US based freight forwarder.

  4. Tint tank, Opera Drill,Speede Blocker, Marco Lensometer , and more...priced to sell

    1 AIT Lens marker, very good condition…..$595(NC)
    1 AIT Speede Blocker, good condition….$250(Calif)
    1 BPI Ultra Sonic cleaning machine, desk top model ….$150(Ga)
    1 BPI 9 pot tint tank and...
  5. Essilor Triplets Edger/Tracer/Blocker under 3000 cuts since new in 2016.....$7995

    1 EssilorTriplet pattern-less edging system, under 3000 cuts since new, new condition,used in Frame R&D , consists of “Jess “ pattern less edger, “Tess” tracerand “Iness” blocker….Edger has 3D...
  6. Mr. Orange package, under 7000 cuts...$10,995 many other low usage machines also

    1 Mr. Orange Pattern-less edger/tracer/blocker/drill, excellent condition, used in Doctor’s office, under 7000 cuts since new……$10,995(GA)

    1 AIT Maxima pattern-less edger with an AIT Combimax...
  7. Looking for Non Working National Optronics Generators .....Vista 1 or 11.....Or 2Gs

    Looking For National Optronics Vista or 2G generators for rebuilding purposes.

    $1000 paid for non-working National Optronics generators…..Vista 1 / 11 or 2Gs

    Outer Case must be in good...
  8. Surfacing equipment in Canada...good running ...priced to sell quickly

    Canadian Lab installs Freeform…freeing up complete conventional lab

    1 Coburn SGX turbo generator, very good condition….$4000
    1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, very good condition….$4500
    4 LOH X2S...
  9. Surfacing equipment Specials for December

    Lots of surfacing equipment available at "end of the year" pricing

    1 Coburn DTL 150 generator, 113,435 cuts since new, excellent condition…..$15,995(NE)
    1 Coburn SL2 Express, gone through by...
  10. Used Kappa edger/tracer and blocker, good condition....$6995

    1 Kappa Pattern-less Edger/tracer/blocker, “M05” model, 109,000 cuts, checked out by re-builder, good condition……$6995(Florida Rob)

    Many good running Kappa edgers for sale ....refer to...
  11. Rebuilt National Optronics 6ES edger and 4T tracer, 6 months warranty....$9995

    1 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty… $9,995ea

    $9995 plus shipping cost.

    Call for pictures.

    Barry Shepard 714-963-8991
  12. Lots of good edgers this month under $10,000.....and a complete Coburn Lab....$15,000

    Lots of good edgers under $10,000 a complete Coburn SGX based lab for $15,000

    Barry Shepard 714-963-8991

  13. Complete good working conventional surfacing lab for sale....$3495 in Colorado

    SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>Complete , good running surfacing lab……$3495 in Colorado , USA……
    Lab manufactured by Strasbaugh and similar to a Coburn #108 lab… for pictures

    1 7 T generator, does glass...
  14. 1 Digital Smart Drill, excellent...

    1 Digital Smart Drill, excellent condition…..$795(NC)

    September 4

    Please send your e-mail address and I'll send pictures and contact info.

    1 Digital Smart Drill, excellent...
  15. Complete newer Coburn Surfacing lab in Canada....$12,500 USD.

    Complete Coburn newer SGX Lab ……$12,500 (Canada)
    1 Coburn SGX generator, 58,000 cuts since new, innovations lab program, very good condition
    2 Coburn CMX 50 cylinder machines, very new models
  16. AR Specials, surfacing specials and edging specials for September

    Specials for

    1 Zeiss B12 AR machine, rebuilt by Quantum. Ion source, 34 lenses per 75 minute cycle runs like new, includes Stainless chamber…can be seen and...
  17. August 21 9:30AM Los Angeles To: Richard...

    August 21 9:30AM Los Angeles

    To: Richard
    From: Barry
    Subject: Selling your equipment

    Richard...left a message on your telephone number.

    Very interested in listing your equipment in my...
  18. August 14 ,2019 To: Precision Lab From: Barry...

    August 14 ,2019

    To: Precision Lab
    From: Barry Shepard

    I have a rebuilder looking for rebuildable Vista or 2G generators.

    Neither you nor the buyer owe me a commission.....

    After the...
  19. August 10 12 Noon Los Angeles Hello Allen......

    August 10 12 Noon Los Angeles

    Hello Allen...

    Travis in North Carolina rebuilds 2Gs and Vistas.

    Travis is looking for non working 2Gs or Vista Generators.

    The cases need to be in good...
  20. $1000 paid for non working National Optronics generators .....Vista 1 / 11 or 2Gs

    August 9, 2019

    Need Vista Generators or 2G generators for rebuilding purposes.

    $1000 paid for non working National Optronics generators ...Vista 1/11 or 2Gs.

    Outer Case must be in good...
  21. Low usage edgers, rebuilt edgers and bench equipment available for mid July

    July's list of edging and bench equipment …Call for pictures

    1 Kappa Ultimate M10 Pattern-less edger, 43,000 cuts since new …and Kappa tracer/blocker, very good condition…$5295( Mich)

    1 2017...
  22. Low Usage edgers and new surfacing equipment listings for June 2019

    Many low usage machines available for June

    Pattern-Less EdgersEdgers
    1 Kappa pattern-less edger/ tracer/blocker, 40,000 cuts, excellent condition, “M” model…$5995(Texas)
    1 Santinelli/Nidek 9090...
  23. Low usage edgers and rebuilt edgers available for mid April

    Low usage edgers and rebuilt edgers available for April 2019

    1 Optonics 7EX drilling edger with a single cutter assembly, under 1000 cuts since new , includes Drill/Groove module. This 7EX Edger...
  24. Newer surfacing labs for sale under $15,000 each....each in very good condition

    Seller of Idaho retail lab installed Free Form freeing up his low usage 32,000 cut lab

    Complete SGX Lab in Idaho USA for under $13,000USD
    1 Coburn SGX Plus generator,32,000 cuts since new,...
  25. Replies

    New Schneider Freeform line for sale

    New Schneider Freeform line for sale

    Higher than expected Freeform sales frees up 14 week old Sprint Freeform line

    Sales more than doubled requiring the purchase of higher production...
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