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    Be aware of

    I believe that this optical equipment center is a scam. Nobody can offer new machines from all the makes at prices that are not even factory prices, the prices they advertise are not real prices....
  2. Briot CLD

    pls reply with photos marmoreusa@ 954-662-2839
  3. For sale AIT continuum solo with intelligent blocker and tracer

    For sale this machine like new condition with only 1,500 cuts! for $ 15,990 complete with pumps. Please call us 954-662-2839 or write to :
  4. For sale National Optronics 7E with tracer

    With only 16735 cuts. Very little for a machine of this kind. We detected little noise on the motor so a brand new was installed, everything else in nice conditions. WE are asking 18,550 , we will...
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    We buy your used optical lab equipment

    Used in good condition generators lens polishers, lens edgers please send your list to or call 954-662-2839.
  6. Do you have Unused or older machines sitting in the back room?

    We buy your surpluss equipment. Please make a list take pictures and email them to
  7. For Sale Optronics 7E no drill with new computer

    We have this unit for sale in very good condition. It has a brand new computer. Please email we will send you photos. Thanks, Mamore
  8. Looking for used LOH polishers, LOH blocker and LOH Generators

    :cool:Please send your offers to:
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    Patternless edgers for sale !

    Briot Axcell CLD, Briot Alta, Optronics 6ES, Optronics 7E, all in working conditions.
    Please contact us at:
  10. We buy your used patternless edgers we pay top cash!

    Briot CLD, Alta; Optronics 6E, 7E; Nidek 1000 or newer; Essilor Kappa or newer.
    Dont pay for comission. We buy directly.
  11. Selling two machines Gerber Acuity plus

    Used,repaired, clean in running conditions. Wil send you pictures.
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    National Optronics 3B blocker

    Looking to buy one used in good condition.
  13. Looking for used Dip coating hard lens units

    Please write to:
  14. Looking for used Satisloh polishers and industrial edgers

    Please contact us at:
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    Edgers for sale dec 2011 -jan 2012

    - optronics 6es with 4t tracer new vaccum, blocker accesories
    - briot silver all in one 2005 new wheels and pump accesories
    - briot scanform and cx
    - briot cl-d with drill reconditioned new wheels...
  16. For sale used in good working conditions CMX50 lens polishers


    Please contact us at:
  17. Used excellent condition Briot CL and CLD

    Refurb with new wheels excellent condition year 2006 available for sale please write to
  18. Do you want to sell your used lab equipment?

    We buy your used generator, polisher and lens edgers.
    Please send a list of items for sale with photos.
    and write to
  19. For sale used in working conditions Nidek 7070SX, Briot Axcell, Optronics H3 with 4T

    Briot accura,Essilor gamma, refurbished Gerber toric surfacers, refurbished Coburn 506's, Coburn 108CT, Coburn 2113, Gerber SGX, Optronics 2G, Topcon KR 7000, Gerber Step One blocker, lap twin racks...
  20. Looking for a used contact lens lathe for toric gas permeable lenses

    Your information is appreciated.
  21. Looking for LOH or SATISLOH X2-S's ,Gerber Accuity polishers

    Please write to:
  22. Lens polishers, generators, edgers, lab equipment...

    Send us your list !
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    Used lens polishers finers, laps

    We are looking to buy used machines LOH toro X2S, Gerber Acuity, Coburn 506'S. Please e-mail pics, location, and tell if possible to strap machines to pallets to make them readily for pick up....
  24. Used gerber Acuity finer polishers, used LOH or SATISLOH toro X2s

    We buy your surplus machinery.
    Please contact
  25. We buy your surplus used optical lab equipment

    Dear Optiboard members:
    We buy your used surplus lab equipment like generators 108CT's, SGX's and 2G's. Polishers LOH toro, coburn 506's, toric etc. Patternless edgers any condition. All good names...
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