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  1. AIT Indo Service and technical manual needed

    I am in need of copies of the service or technical manuals for the AIT/Indo Maxima Speed edgers. I received several as a donation tp replace some damaged edgers from the Paradise California wildfire....
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    There have been two informal FTC investigations...

    There have been two informal FTC investigations over the past 10 years, both with the conclusion "Nothing to see here", despite suspicions of violations. Essilor has good lawyers.
  3. The Essilor and Luxottica merger should be a wake...

    The Essilor and Luxottica merger should be a wake up call for everyone in our industry to think clearly about the next evolution of their vertical integration. They now control their own production...
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    Wholesale Lab Sales

    Northern California lab looking for an outside sales and marketing associate. Someone with established history of lab sales preferred, other reps with good relations with the 3 O's considered. Could...
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