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  1. Opticians, Canadians have questions. Can you help answer them?

    Hi Opticians across Canada,

    We asked the public on Facebook to tell us one question they'd want to ask a licensed optician.

    We've compiled lots of questions in the comments section of a...
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    Opticians, we need your help

    Hello to all Opticians across Canada, we would really like your help.

    For the past 3 years, the Love Your Eyes campaign has won international awards, educated thousands, and all with a fraction of...
  3. Hello Opticians | Love Your Eyes 2014

    Hey Opticians,

    Just wanted to let you know that the Love Your Eyes campaign launched about a week ago. The multi-media challenge was incredibly successful last year with over 90,000 questions...
  4. The Love Your Eyes 2013 Public Awareness Campaign


    As a countdown to the celebration of World Sight Day, Love Your Eyes™ is giving away prizes every week – for five weeks – from Friday, September 6th to Thursday, October 10th. Contestants...
  5. Love Your Eyes - Final Day to Enter!


    Hi everyone!

    It's the FINAL DAY to enter the online contest at If you haven't already, please vote for your chance to win giant prize packs!

    Share this contest...
  6. Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoyed...

    Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoyed it!
  7. Love Your Eyes - Campaign Video Release!

    Check out the Love Your Eyes Campaign video! The campaign has been extremely successful in exceeding our measurements thus far and we can continue it's success by sharing the online contest at...
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    Love Your Eyes!


    The summer of 2012 is heating up! August marks the official launch of the Love Your Eyes™ campaign. Love Your Eyes™ is a multi-part campaign aimed at educating the public about why everyone...
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