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    I've consulted with my lab after your...

    I've consulted with my lab after your suggestions, thank you very much for helping me. I had no idea, but now I know if a pt has a lenticular they have to stay in one.
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    Walman Toledo hx of Aphakia bilateral, bilateral...

    Walman Toledo
    hx of Aphakia bilateral, bilateral open angle glaucoma- mild
    BCVA 20/30 OD 20/200 OS
    Inside RX
    vertex of 11
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    Lenticular Lenses and PALs, Need Help!

    Hello everyone. I have a problem that I have no experience with and need advice.My pt came in with half-busted/broken bubble type lenticular lenses shoved into a sunglasses frame on its last leg. The...
  4. Adjusting OC for Bifocal FT28 Surgey Loops Help!

    I was handed an older pair of sv surgery glasses with loops attached to the bridge and asked to make it into a pair of lined bifocals. My question is concerning the PD/OC and seg measurements. These...
  5. Thank you very much for the information!!

    Thank you very much for the information!!
  6. Need advice on working with Pediatrics for eyewear?

    I've been offered to interview for a position with a pediatric ophthalmology practice but I've never worked with children and I'm nervous to accept. I've worked primarily with adults and geriatrics...
  7. a stroke

    a stroke
  8. Measuring PD for Prism RX and Wandering Eye

    Hello everyone. I can't find the answer to my question anywhere and I need some help. I have a pt who is a SVD and has and rx of +1.75 -0.50 176 2BI prism and +0.50 w/2BI prism. The OD eye measures...
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