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  1. Huge Inventory Of Designer Frames & Sunglasses ( 15,000+ PCS )

    More than 15,000 pcs of designer sunglasses and eyeglasses from all of the top brands.
    All Brand and complete with case.
    PM me or email @ for details with pricing, pictures...
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    DKNY and Vogue Make an Offer

    I have 100 DKNY and 30 Vogue Eyeglasses
    Frames Only - Shelf Pulls
    See images attached
    Make an offer on assorted qty you would like
  3. Email sent~!

    Email sent~!
  4. Designer Sunglass and Eyeglass Inventory For Sale

    Sunglasses and eyeglasses from top brands such as: Tom Ford, Prada, Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci , Versace, and more.
    All brand new , priced to go fast. PM me for details or reply here with email.
  5. Versace & Oakley Sun and Optical For Sales

    PM me for Info.
    Huge Selection.
    All Brand New With Cases etc.
  6. Anything left?

    Anything left?
  7. 250 Prada Sport Optical Frames New in Box with Case, Cloth Etc.

    I have 250 PCS looking to sell well below wholesale
    Will sell anywhere from 25-250 PCS

    Email me for list with pictures and pricing.

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    30 cents on the dollar is generous on most of...

    30 cents on the dollar is generous on most of this stuff. Seems like bad buying.
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    Silhouette New in Box!

    Please email me if interested
    Huge Selection - Low Price
    Easy Sell in any optical.
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    what kind?

    what kind?
  11. Vintage Sunglasses - Ultra , Cloudia Carlotti , Lapidus, Sover just to name a few.

    I have about 200 PCS of NOS Vintage Sunglasses. I have checked some models and see them selling for good money online. If you have clientele interested in this I suggest contacting me. This is not my...
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    Silhouette Frames New In Box

    Have about 100 to sell at great price
    Email for the list with pictures and pricing.
  13. Versace - Burberry - Tory Burch Frames Clear Out

    Still have a few hundred frames w/ cases from Versace, Burberry, Tory Burch , and others we are clearing out.
    Email for pricing , pictures, etc.
  14. Liquidation of Sold Practice in FL ( Rayban - Armani - Dolce- Prada )

    Have a few hundred frames acquired from a optical practice that has been sold.
    Some of the brands are : Rayban , Armani, Dolce, Prada, and Prada Sport.

    Email : for info...
  15. D&G and Emporio Armani Optical Liquidation

    We have about 100 PCS of Emporio Armani and 100 + D&G Frames to liquidate.

    Email us for the price and pictures.

    This may be the deal of the year ! Very Cheap!
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    Email me frames and sunglasses you have....

    Email me frames and sunglasses you have.
  17. I have everything you could need, but I dont work...

    I have everything you could need, but I dont work on credit.
  18. Vogue Eyeglass Frames with Cases - Name Your Price

    I have 200 available ( assorted ). How many do you want and at what price? Email me your offer and I will reply. No reasonable offer will be turned down. Emphasis on...
  19. A bunch of new Kors Suns need to be gone!

    Please email me for pics, pricing , and info. About 100 PCS looking to sell . Top models, Top Colors.
  20. send me frame inventory to...

    send me frame inventory to
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    Coach Eyeglass Frames

    Looking to liquidate up to 200 frames new with cases. Email me
  22. Coach Eyeglass Frames With Coach Cases

    Hello everyone, I have 200 Coach frames with original cases I am looking to sell for a ridiculously low price . Please email me for details .
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    Coach Frames With Cases for Sale

    Please contact me for details.
    In cases ready to ship. Must go.
  24. Liquidation Inventory Lot ( Dior , Nike, Lacoste, CK, Polo, Smith Optics )

    I have 117 pcs of sunglasses and eyeglasses from Dior, Polo , Nike, Lacoste, CK , Polo, and Smith Optics all with original cases. Selling entire lot for 50-75% Off wholesale. Contact me for list and...
  25. DIOR SoReal, Technologics, and SoReal Leather

    I have a few Dior SoReal, SoReal Leather, and Technologics I want to sell for very cheap.

    These retail for 500.00-800.00

    All new , in stock ready to ship.

    Email me
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