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    Help needed

    Hi Optiboarders!
    We are into manufacturing of eyeglasses. Currently we are facing problems with our AR coating machines. The issues faced is as below..If anybody has some ideas it will be of great help as currently we are losing lot of production time...

    We have 2 kind of IG with us. These IG are from MKS. Please see attached Photo. At present we are working with the GP307 vacuum gauge controller with part number part#(307702-01B-T3) from Brooks but the time taken to reach the set pressure for coating (1.4*10-5 Torr) is very high(45-50 mins) with IG1, but if we use the IG2 with our existing Vacuum gauge controller we can reach the set pressure at 17-20 mins. So,

    1.We need to know whether this IG1 is not compatible with our vacuum gauge controller

    2. Right now we have only IG1 in our stock. How to proceed.

    3.Recently we test, leak in our machines using HLD and is no leak found.

    4.Also another question is if we want to change to Controller, cables, IG from another Brand like Inficon do we have to configure our AR machine? How our AR machine will recognise the controller?

    Thank you in advance to all the optiboaders. If any additional info is needed please let me know.
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