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Maui Jim Assistance (Insurance coding needed)

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    Maui Jim Assistance (Insurance coding needed)

    Hello! I am looking for some V-Code billing information for Maui Jims materials. I need to know the index for the Maui Pure, Maui Brilliant, & Maui Evolution. I also need to know the same for the lens colors. Are they polarized? Polarized with Mirror, Polarized with Gradient Tint? etc... I worked in an eyecare office, but with the doctor, not the dispensary. I now program lens options in to optical software and have had conflicting information from people requesting all of the Maui Jim lenses be added. I always ask for redacted EOB and Lab Invoices so I can get accurate information prior to adding lenses to our software, but I have been unable to secure any and would like to finish this project up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been out of the office environment since 2011, so I need a little help from time to time to clear things up. I absolutely LOVE Shamir's website as it's availabilitiy data is on point and gives me all the data I need. Maui Jim, Oakley, a whole different story.

    Thank you for your help!

    I can't answer your questions because we haven't dealt with Maui Jim in over a decade, but I would suggest getting the phone number and your account # for the Lab and calling them to ask your questions


      As a general rule, All Maui Jim is Polarized.

      The Bi-Gradient Lenses are mirrored top 1/3 and bottom 3rd.

      The Blue Hawaii lenses are all in Maui Brilliant are Blue Mirror (i assume that the other mirrors are also in that coloration but have not been launched in my market yet)

      The Grad lenses are also polarized.

      Maui Evolution i know is a 1.6n index. Cant remember Pure and Brilliant indexes sorry.

      I am seeing my rep next week for Maui and if i remember I will ask her what Pure and Brilliant is, kinda depends how busy I am on the day doing Dispensing


        I know this was a post from 3 years ago but Maui Brilliant is a Trivex material 1.53. Above post is correct on Maui Evolution being 1.60. Maui Pure is only used in some of Maui's Plano Suns and not in RX. You shouldn't need a V code for that.
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