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how to apply for the american optical board examinations

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  • wmcdonald
    Originally posted by Aarav
    I think,
    Applying for the American Optical Board Examinations is a significant step in the pursuit of optometry certification in the United States. To start the process, follow these key steps:
    1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set by the American Board of Optometry (ABO). Typically, this includes completing an accredited optometry program.
    2. Register: Visit the ABO's official website to register for the exam. Provide the required personal and academic information.
    3. Study: Prepare thoroughly for the exam, as it covers various aspects of optometry.
    4. Schedule: Select a suitable exam date and location.
    5. Take the Exam: Attend the exam and demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

    Passing the ABO examinations is a crucial milestone for optometrists in the USA, allowing them to practice with confidence and competence.
    The ABO/NCLE exams will not impact your chances for Optometry in any way. It's for Opticians.

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  • Diane
    Correct website???

    I just went to the website and it's fine. Anyway, the tests ARE given in May and November. If you cannot get what you need on the website, call 800-296-1379, or 703-719-5800. I'm sure of the 800 number, but you may not be able to use if from where you are located.

    Also, if you want to be sure of passage, get the TOPS book by Michael DiSanto from the National Academy of Opticanry at AND attend a review course. NAO will be having one in California the first weekend in November.


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  • rbaker

    Once you get your EAD, you will then also need to get a business permit

    You will also have to establish your financial position with American banks and lending institutions, no small matter for a foreign national. When your green card expires you may apply for renewal or return to your native land and apply for citizenship, no small feat these days as quotas are virtually non existent.

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  • junecfea
    I was thinking either Texas of California, I intend to either buy an optical retail outlet or open one. Buying is an easir option , I think.

    I am doing both the optometrist's and the optician's work here in the UAE. (CL fitting too). I manage a three-store-chain and we have all the designer brands. I want to move to the states and keep on doing sort of the same thing as I am doing nbow (although I cannot do refraction, of course!).


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  • GOS_Queen
    Good morning -

    I just tried (twice) to get into the website and it's not working for me either!

    I believe the test is given twice a year - May and November.

    You have to be registered before then - (maybe 60 days ahead of time I'm not exactly sure )

    I believe the test is around $130 - $150. It's 100 questions (multiple choice). You must get 70 correct to pass. I think you should okay in the anatomy and such just be sure to brush up your knowledge of frame materials.

    I'm just curious, do you know what state you are relocating to?

    Some states in the US have licensing requirements for opticians --

    Good luck!

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  • how to apply for the american optical board examinations


    I am a Philippines and United Arab Emirates licensed optometrist seeking to get an optician's license in the US.

    The American Opticianry Board's website is either unavailable or unaccessible from the UAE because it has been several days that I tried to access the page but cannot get through.

    How do I apply for the exams, what are the schedules and what are the requirements bearing in mind that 1) I am not an American 2) I do not have any experience in any American State.

    I graduated 1992, worked in the Philippines as an optometrist until 1999. Got licensed and worked as an optometrist in the United Arab Emirates from 1999 to present.

    I hope somone out there can help!