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Experienced SC licensed optician available

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  • Experienced SC licensed optician available

    If you are looking for more than a sales person.....
    I have 20+ years of experience in finishing and dispensing.
    Prefer to work in Bluffton/HHI, Beaufort county

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    Are you at Wally?

    Hey, I am an optician in the Augusta Ga area and I was curious if you are currently employed at a WalMart. Word is they have cut the hours of licenses. Do you work for them or do you know of this happening at any WM's in your area? Good luck with your job hunt. :)


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      I understand that Walmart is cutting hours in our area.
      They would rather make an extra dime than take care of their employees.


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        I am living the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I have called at least 20 Wal-Mart stores with in a 50 mile radius and they are not hiring. I agree, they have cut hours and like most large corps they do not care about the individuals.


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          In my area, hours have been scaled back some, nobody less than 34 hours a week though. I hate doing that to people, but as a manager, I am responsible for running my store as if I owned it. How many of you that own a private practice would keep all of your employees at 40 hours a week if sales had slowed to a point that you couldn't maintain a decent profit?