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Optical Product Review Forum Rules and Guidelines

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    Optical Product Review Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to the Optical Product Review Forum. This forum is for the publication of reviews written by OptiBoard members for products and services they use in their jobs. Note that this forum is not open to posting new threads, however you can respond to currnet reviews that are posted here. Please see the instructions below if you wish to submit a review.

    The Product Review forum was created by the members to provide information on products currently in use, or new products coming out in the marketplace. Product reviews will come from two sources.

    Member submissions:

    NOTE: Submissions are no longer required for pre-approval. However please still follow these guidelines.

    Members are encouraged to submit reviews of any optical product they use, PROVIDED:
    1. The reviewer agrees to watch the thread in which the review is published and answer any questions the members may have.
    2. The post does NOT unfairly knock the company involved. Posts of this nature will be DELETED and any repeat offenders will lose their posting privilege.

    Company Initiated Submissions:
    We all are aware that companies who release new products want to spread the word as quickly as possible to the broadest possible audience. Companies may wish to use Optiboard members to market test and/or evaluate these products. This will be allowed,
    1. It is clearly stated that this is a company initiated review
    2. It is done in adherence to the rules above.
    3. Companies don’t unfairly try to monopolize this forum by overusing it. This will be a panel call.

    Submissions to this forum are the opinions of the contributors and not necessarily the opinions of Optiboard, its representatives or panelists.

    The goal of this forum is to become a tool for continuing to improve the optical industry by instituting a dialogue among consumers, companies and others in the industry.

    We invite people to present their honest opinions on products and services offered by the optical industry, whether it is a compliment or constructive criticism.

    We invite companies to use those comments to gain insight into how their products are being perceived, to respond to any misperceptions and to detect actual problems in the hope that such issues may be addressed.

    We invite those in the optical industry to offer their insights and expertise where it may benefit the industry.

    Submissions will be reviewed by a panel, which reserves the right to review them for content and suitability. By submitting comments to this forum you agree to such review. You also acknowledge that the panel may refuse to print comments that are deemed to be inappropriate.

    We ask those participating to please not use this forum for personal attacks, to undermine a competitor or as an advertising tool but to use it in a responsible manner and in a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation.

    OptiBoard Administrator
    OptiBoard has been proudly serving the Eyecare Community since 1995.

    Has anyone on Opti Board tried, or has patients who have tried Anti-Fatigue lenses? Specifically Essilor preferred but if other companies are making them, comments would be appreciated.

    Ol' Dog