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Offering Your Own Vision Plan (In-Office)

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    Offering Your Own Vision Plan (In-Office)

    Hey Doctors!

    I wanted to share something with everyone that I have been using in my practice. We implemented a 'Vision Membership Plan' with a company called DirectOD and it has truly been a hit with our patients!

    The unique thing with DirectOD is - I built my plan(s) with a price point of $25.00 a month and each month DirectOD bills those patients for my plan and sends me all ($25.00) per patient enrolled (Which adds up QUICK!). This has allowed us to build a substantial amount of monthly recurring revenue just this year. We have seen amazing patient retention, major reduction in Rx walkouts, and we are hoping to say goodbye to 'low reimbursement' finally.

    They gave us all the tools and resources to make this happen and track the growth of our plan. It was super simple to setup and DirectOD took care of almost everything all I had to do is make a plan that fit my practice and talk with my patients. This is one of the best things that I have put in my practice in my 30+ years in the industry.

    More doctors need to take a look at this:
    Unlock the power of independent eye care with DirectOD. Seamlessly create and offer personalized vision membership plans for your patients, empowering your practice with greater control and flexibility. Join the forefront of the eye care industry's evolution today.