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Streak Retinoscope Recommendations - Welch Allyn or Keeler?

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    Streak Retinoscope Recommendations - Welch Allyn or Keeler?

    So, my trusty old Heine streak retinoscope has died after 10ish years of use. Got it at a decent price back then by sharing a group purchase with a group of optometry students, but current prices are nearly double that of other reputable brands.

    Repairs mean sending it back to Germany due to a lack of local techs. And footing those bills if so.

    As such, I'm now hunting for a new retinoscope, and have agreeable quotations from both Welch Allyn and Keeler... any feedback on which may be preferable? Have used a Neitz (currently no local dealer) and also both of the above brands when I had to borrow a colleague's retinoscope before, but infrequently enough that I can't say for sure if I noticed significant differences from what used to be my Heine.

    University retinoscopes were a mix and match between older Neitz and Welch Allyn models... sufficiently long ago that I can't recall any outstanding models or manufacturers.
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    I have Welch-Allen and it's boring and standard. I'm very happy with it.


      To update:

      Thanks for the feedback, after having sourced folks who used those, sampled a colleague's Welch-Allyn and another's Keeler, felt both were about the same.

      It came down to price, Keeler won, very happy with it ��