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    Hi Opti-community! I'm in the process of repurposing an old hand wheel into a device for buffing frames. I've already secured a polishing/buffing pad, but I'm unsure about the best compound to use for a chalky plastic frame. Would a standard hardware or automotive store have what I need? Also, if anyone has any advice or techniques to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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    Depending on how bad the "chalkiness" is your best best is to use high grit wet/dry sand paper to remove it before buffing/polishing. I've restored a lot of vintage frames in my time and the whole process is labor intensive. As far as the best compounds to use do not use what you would buy for an auto- there is a german company that supplies these compounds. The name escapes me at the moment but I'll follow up with another thread in reply with the manufacturer name.


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      Swing by your local auto parts store and pick up a tin of "rubbing compound" and "polishing compound."


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        Red jewelers rouge


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          I successfully used a polishing compound that came with my Dremel tool awhile back to polish a frame my coworker damaged with all-off. I used the buffing attatchment for the dremel and a little bit of the compound at a time. If I can find it I will post it here.