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Rolling Polarized Lenses

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  • Rolling Polarized Lenses

    I have a patient with -10.50 getting polarized sunglasses. Would you roll the edges or will that cause a clear line around the lenses?

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    That will cause the clear line anywhere that is rolled, but if you move the bevel to the very front edge of the lens it shouldn't be apparent from the front. The polarization filter is laminated into the front surface of the lens so if you don't edge or roll that away it won't be a problem.


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      Thank you so much for your insight DanLiv!


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        DanLiv is the best.

        My advice: a mirror of some sort covers a lot of sins.


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          Thank you for the advice drk!


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            Roll and polish, (even just rolls) look hideous. When I got requests (because of previous use) of rolls, I hade a frame with a -10, one lens rolled and one with a hide a bevel with edge tint, it was very apparent which looked better from a front profile. High minus patients are very conscientious of thickness, but I would council that people aren’t looking at the edges of their glasses. You are usually facing the person, so your front profile is more important. Sure, some frame/lens combinations need some roll for nose pads or temple closure, but generally, roll and polish doesn’t make you glasses more attractive from a frontal view, which is what others see encounting you.