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    Originally posted by drk View Post
    I'm interested in the possibility of using "lesser-trained" staff for "optical overflow" situations...
    Probably the most time-consuming interaction between optician and customer is frame selection. This is not a highly technical task, and with a few simple instructions on frame fit any staff (or even customers themselves!) can take over that job. The second time-suck is explaining VCP benefits. This also can be off-loaded to non-opticians. And the third is dispensing and adjustment. Though I prefer no to off-load this because it is a crucial step in the sales process to re-affirm the value of the customer's purchase, it is a non-technical task that could be given to non-optician staff. If you gave those three tasks to non-opticians in hectic moments I think your opticians would have ample time to explain vision solutions, ensure accurate measurements are taken, and properly price out customers (and then of course do all the back office). I don't think enabling non-opticians to take measurements would take much load off your opticians. It takes me 30 seconds to both explain what my visioffice is and take complete measurements. That is not the bottleneck. Hand-holding customers is the bottleneck, and all your staff can be competent in doing that.

    Originally posted by KrystleClear View Post
    if we did get replaced, would there be robots to do repairs and adjustments?
    Nope, no repairs or adjustments necessary. In the post-optician world glasses from the robo-kiosk vending machine only cost $20 and take 15 mintues to make, so when your glasses fall apart or don't fit right you just throw them away and buy another. Get a new pair every month, still costs less than one pair of "overpriced doctor glasses". And donates to the landfills! 'Murca!


      Wow. Great thoughts. Thank you.