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  • aspiring practice patient number

    trying to set goals for our small practice here. wondering how many patients an average optometry practice has and how many comprehensive eye exams a day is comfortable for each optometrist.

    thank you all for your guidance!

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    Traditional numbers say 8 exams x 5 days x 50 weeks = 2000/yr

    Need about 6000 for a good patient base.


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      we see anywhere between 18-23 patients a day.


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        We have about 15 patients per clinic. We have two clinics a day minimum, but usually have three, so around 45 patients a day, not counting the contact lens clinic which is separate.
        However we are considered a flagship store in our region so we are bigger than most in the area.


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          Thank you all so much for your guidance and input��������


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            We run 5 Optoms per day during the week who will see 14-18 patients a day with 2 dedicated Orthoptist doing pre-testing (Auto Ref, K's, NCT) + Optos / OCT as required.

            So around 400 patients per week on average.

            We are alot busier than 99.9% of stores out (especially as not a "Chain" optical) - it does help that we are the only Optical in my town, and nearest competition is approx 160km (100miles+) away.

            Go with what you are comfortable with working - as long as the store is profitable, staff and customers are happy your all good i say :)


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              I'm crying looking at these numbers. On our long days we see as many as 80 patients with just one doctor. Shorter days are around 50 patients. But I work for an MD. So not all of those are comprehensive exams and also we have two ophthalmic technicians doing the workups. I'd say we see about 4 to 5 comprehensive exams per hour. And, yes, we run behind. When we had an optom, he would see about 18 - 20 patients a day, also with technicians doing the pre-testings.