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    Originally posted by AngeHamm View Post
    It really isn't. I order a correspondingly lower amount when I see my reps.
    I mean that makes sense. The only issue I would have is usually when I'm buying frames I ask what color is selling the best. So when someone is ordering a different color to look at they are probably choosing the color that doesn't move as well. 2-3 times a week still seems excessive to me but I guess it would really depend on how much of your customers are cash pay. If you are running a boutique shop without a doc and mostly cash I can definitely understand catering more to the needs of your customers. But if you take vision care plans I cannot imagine not charging to bring frames in, or at least trying to to make it less desirable to do so.
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      Another option if you want to deny special orders without just outright saying no, is Eyemed and Spectera explicitly state frame benefits can be applied to any frame "in your inventory". I haven't found such language in VSP, but one can easily make a case that it is implied offices are not required to special order product, therefore if one does it is a non-covered service and usual & customary fees apply. That will stop the vision plan shoppers cold. But hey, if they really want it at usual fee, great!